About us

Our Core Values


We are welcoming and supportive. We provide the opportunity for people to socialise, share their experiences and learn from one another.


We respect and celebrate diversity so that everyone can give their best. We recognise the importance of providing a friendly environment where people can feel safe.


We encourage people to take personal responsibility and making positive changes in their lives by providing opportunities, developing their talents, and helping to build their confidence and self esteem.

Partnership and Collaboration

We recognise the importance of working collaboratively with people who share our vision, to design, deliver and evaluate our services. We work jointly with other organisations to enhance our capacity to achieve the best outcomes.

Things to note about us

We are dedicated to improving the health and spirit of people affected by sickle cell disease so they could live normal and productive life.

Our Mission: To educate people about the causes of sickle cell disease and its prevention as well as support families and children with sickle cell disease and other health conditions.

Our vision: To ensure that sickle cell patients have better chances in life.

Formed by those who have first hand experienced of the devastating impact of sickle cell disease, including parents and health professionals.